On the occasion of International Women's Day Amman on 8 March 2019

Statement by the Arab Women Parliamentarians Network for Equality ""


On the occasion of International Women's Day

Amman on 8 March 2019

Arab women are making progress in political participation, but they are still the lowest among the regions of the world

The Arab Women Parliamentarians Network for Equality congratulates all women in the Arab world and around the world on the occasion of International Women's Day and commends the efforts made by the governments of the world, parliaments, parties and civil, trade union and labor institutions to provide more mechanisms, policies, legislation, programs and institutions to protect the rights of women and their political, social and economic empowerment To achieve the goals of sustainable development, foremost of which is the fifth goal on gender equality in decision-making positions.

The network salutes the efforts of Arab female parliamentarians from the executive members and their supporters in spreading the culture of equality and defending women's rights in Arab parliaments. This resulted in the adoption of a policy paper launched by the network in April 2018, “Increasing Representation of Women in Political Parties and Party Electoral Lists” in order to gradually achieve equality by 2030.

In particular, the network praised the outcomes of the meetings held in Tunis, Amman, Khartoum, Cairo, Alexandria, Kuwait and Nouakchott, which resulted in constructive dialogues with the political forces, some of which led to the release of local policy papers that fit the specific legislative and political circumstances of each country.

The network is looking forward for the upcoming meeting in Iraq,The meeting is expected to result in the birth of a local drafting committee representing all the partners from parliament, parties, government and civil society institutions whose mission is to launch an Iraqi policy paper to raise the representation of women To at least one-third in all positions of party leadership and elected councils

At the same time, the network continues to view with concern the slow pace of bridging the gender gap globally and in the Arab world in terms of political participation, despite all the national plans and strategies set by governments to achieve the fifth goal of sustainable development, noting that this gap exceeds 76% And 81% at the level of the Arab world, while 80% of the world's refugees from strife and war are women and children, and 60% of the poor and illiterate and malnourished are women, which are serious indicators that women pay for political decisions that deny her participation In making it.

Although all studies show that the institutions that women share in management are less corrupt, more committed to good governance, more environmentally friendly, profit-oriented, and satisfy both clients and employees. Women, when they are in a political decision in a democratic environment, Control and transparency and direct the priorities of budget spending towards social, health, educational, insurance and infrastructure services to improve the living standards and welfare of citizens and raise gross domestic product (GDP), societies are still far from achieving Gender equality in decision-making positions, especially in the Arab region, which comes in the lowest six regions of the world in terms of women's political participation!

The network is also concerned about the countries that continue to be plagued by strife, conflict and civil wars in and outside the Arab region, where women's gains have been reduced by political and security instability, and calls for women to be involved in peace and security operations in pursuance of Security Council Resolution 1325 to spread the values ​​of peace and security that cannot be achieved without the participation of women in the processes of negotiation, reconciliation and reconstruction

The Network promises women in the Arab world to continue working hard to achieve gender equality in all fields, to reach fair societies with two-flying wings and all citizens enjoy full citizenship on the basis of justice, solidarity and respect for the rule of law.

The President

Dr Rula AlFarra Alhroob

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