Ra’edat Network: Dr. Rola Dashti is an example for an experienced politician.

Dr. Rola Dashti

Ra’edat Network: Dr. Rola Dashti is an example for

an experienced politician, and the ESCWA will thrive

in her time

Amman, 29 January 2019

The Arab Women Parliamentarians Network for Equality

(Ra’edat) extends its heartfelt congratulations to the fellow

network member H.E Dr. Rola Dashti for being appointed in this

important international position as an Executive Secretary of the

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western

Asia (ESCWA), which was previously occupied by H.E Dr.

Rima Khalaf deservedly, and provided through a lot for this

important international organization.

The network expresses its deep pride in its colleague Dr. Rola

Dashti, who was and still is an example of the experienced

political woman who is able to give her best efforts in all


The network also expresses its trust that the (ESCWA) will

flourish in the era of H.E Dr. Rola Dashti, who will add to the

record of this UN organization more achievements, serving

humanity in general and communities in West Asia in particular.

The Network hopes that women in West Asia will witness a

qualitative leap in their rights with the presence of their dear

colleague at the head of this influential international institution,

and to inspire more women who are willing to engage in

political and international action and reach out to new

generations of girls to build bridges of communication between

exemplary women and young women in various countries of the

world, particularly in the West Asia and the Arab region.

Wishing all the best for the colleague Dr. Rola Dashti in her new


Head of (Ra’edat) Network

Dr. Rula Alfarra Alhroob

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